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Bees at Work

Beeing2gether, llc

Much like the honeybee, our objective is to showcase a model of social behavior while raising awareness about the numerous advantages they offer and potential solutions they inspire.


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About Us

Our Community

Beeing2gether as a community helps build a community in a positive way. Not only by producing Raw Honey, but to establish a sense of nature, food habits, skincare, and promoting healthy boundaries.

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Our Work

Beeing2gether, is about helping others to grow and become something that creates a sense of style of understanding yourself. Working together as a unit presents itself like the"WORKER BEE" which helps generate a mental health miracle.

At Beeing2gether, LLC we raise and breed our own honey bees. Our flagship hive as well as several others are located directly within inner-city Louisville. Beeing2gether, LLC has also partnered with local beekeepers and farmers throughout Kentucky to help provide Raw and Authentic Honey Made in Kentucky.

Our Journey

We want you to join us with Beeing2gether to help maintain social behavior, mental health, and the benefits of bringing awareness to all different situations. To share the joy of "Honey Bees" our goals are to help others with a Mental Health Miracle. 

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I went on a Beehive Tour on August 7, 2023.
It was a great experience! I was provided the necessary beekeeping equipment and gear, and felt safe during the entire tour. We explored several hives and I was able to get up close to the beehives and hands on to see them conduct their daily activities. All of the staff were very knowledgeable, they answered all of my questions, and shared a variety of information with me regarding the behavior of honeybees, pollination, and the production of honey. I learned a great deal about honeybees and have new found respect for them. I even had the importunity to taste some honey! If you ever have an opportunity to take a Beehive Tour, I would suggest that you take the tour with Beeing2gether, and I am certain that you’ll be glad that you did!

Apiary Tour

Apiary Tour

1 hour

From $100
KRS.247.800 - KRS.247.810

Hive Inspection

Hive Inspection
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Hive Inspection

30min to 1hr

From $125

Raw Honeycomb
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