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Beeing2gether, LLC

Like the Honeybee, We aim to exhibit a pattern of social behavior and bring awareness to their many benefits and solutions.

What we do


We raise and breed our own honey bees to produce Raw Honey. Our flagship hive as well as several others are located directly within inner-city of Louisville.

Mental Health

We support Mental Health Awareness. Keith, our founder himself, is a Mental Health Advocate. We aim to merge honey bee preservation and mental health awareness.


We are supplying to the following stores: 

Rainbow Blossom St. Matthews and Bardstown Rd, 

The Fuelery,

Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe,

North Lime Donuts

(Louisville and Lexington), Black Soil (Lexington),

Health Daddy, ValuMarket (Iroquois, Mid City Mall, Mt. Washington, & Outer Loop) 


  • 2022 National Young Entrepreneur Achievement Award Winner of Dream Big Awards

  • 2022 Governors School for Entrepreneurs Alumni

  • 2021 Kurt Giessler Foundation Achievement Award & Ambition Grant Award Winners

  • 2020 Bayer Bee Care Award Contest

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Bee Fact of the Month


Like all insects, a bee's body is divided into three parts: a head with two antennae, a thorax with six legs, and an abdomen. All bees have branched hairs somewhere on their bodies and two pairs of wings. Only female bees have stingers (which are modified ovipositors, organs originally used to lay eggs).'s,originally%20used%20to%20lay%20eggs).

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If you are struggling with any mental health issues,

click the hotline to seek help.

"Your mental health is everything - prioritize it.

Make the time like your life depends on it, because it does." - Mel Robbins

Always remember, we're better off BEEING2GETHER.

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